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Social Procurement & Responsibility

To ensure its impact in the social arena is significant, Eureka Hospitality Group’s social responsibility and procurement commitment underpins our operations and focusses on the community in which we trade. Eureka Hospitality Group works closely with our clients to support their initiatives that are locally focussed and centred on strengthening the community.

Below are some examples of the partnerships and activities we are or will seek to connect with to represent our commitment to corporate social responsibility. The following businesses and support groups are companies Eureka either has an existing relationship with or are moving towards integrating them into our business partnerships.

Arts Pay

Eureka supports Arts Pay, we currently have our first point of sale up and running to capture the fees associated when a person purchases with us, paid directly into Arts Pay, this money will be distributed back into the arts ecosystem by The ArtsPay Foundation.

Australian Superfood Co

The Australian Superfood Co is a supplier we engage to supply a variety of specialty herbs, dressings and sauces, The Australian Superfood Co works with Indigenous communities and growers to source a range of delicious fruits, herbs and seeds, making native ingredients accessible.

Indigenous Employment Partners

Eureka has a partnership with Indigenous Employment Partners. Connecting indigenous workforce with local businesses. We currently have positions advertised with IEP and believe our staff and customers will gain greater insight into helping our business make more considered, thoughtful choices.

Social, Environmental & Economic Sustainability

Whilst every effort is made in consultation with our customers there are times out of our control food waste occurs. It would be our desire to wherever possible have access to a contractor who would remove and compost our green waste from foods and packaging.

We commit to working with our partner / host organisations to achieve their sustainability goals for example:

  • Victoria University with a net zero target 2025
  • Deakin university aiming for carbon Neutral target by 2025
  • Westbourne Grammar– partnering with them to become a 5 star rated sustainable school

Our Commitment to Eco-Friendly Practices and Responsible Choices

We are across swapping all packaging to a more sustainable option, eliminating throw away box style in favour of re-usable alternatives.

We are currently running internal training sessions that has an emphasis on good sustainable practices for staff, we lead by example!

We, where practical choose locally grown, seasonal produce. We design menu around seasonal availability not what is fashionable.

Choose food produced by environmentally friendly production methods which would include doing a feasibility study to have electric cooking equipment over gas.

We will support a high percentage vegetarian / vegan menu with chicken and sustainable fish options preferred over red meat.

Where there is an option we source, promote and use fair trade products or look for sustainable alternatives.

Minimise waste, including water waste by
methods stated above.

Promote health and well-being amongst staff, suppliers and customers.

Sourcing and supporting the use of renewables.

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